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Twisting your ankle or bending it over are frequent causes of ankle pain, but you can also develop ankle pain gradually because of long-term damage from repeated movements. If you have ankle pain, Mark Conliffe, DO, at Commonwealth Musculoskeletal Medicine in Louisville, Kentucky, can help using Regenexx® regenerative medicine. Regenexx is a natural approach to healing that helps tissue damage heal. Call Commonwealth Musculoskeletal Medicine today to schedule a consultation or contact us online.

Ankle Pain Q&A

What causes ankle pain?

If you have acute ankle pain, it’s probably because you’ve stretched or torn a tendon or ligament, or even fractured a bone in your ankle.

Chronic ankle pain can also be due to tendon and ligament damage because of a build-up of many tiny injuries that causes long term pain and disability.

Acute ankle injuries often lead to chronic ankle problems, too, because if you stretch the supporting network of ligaments, tendons, and other tissues too far once, it can permanently weaken the structures and make you more likely to injure your ankle again.

How we use Regenerative Medicine to treat ankle pain.

If physical medicine treatments don’t work, you might get steroid injections. Surgery is the usual next step.

Ankle surgery typically involves procedures like arthroscopy, which is keyhole surgery for joints. The surgeon cleans up or removes damaged cartilage using this technique. You could also undergo fusion to join the ankle bones together permanently, or tendon grafts that reinforce the ankle joint.

These types of surgery may sometimes have a longer recovery period and prolonged rehabilitation post-surgery. The team at Commonwealth Musculoskeletal Medicine works with your surgeon to ensure the final results ease your ankle pain, and you can get you back on your feet comfortably again.

Before undergoing surgery for ankle pain, Commonwealth Musculoskeletal Medicine suggests trying regenerative medicine to see if it relieves your pain.

At the moment, insurance doesn’t cover regenerative medicine treatments.

Find out more about regenerative medicine for ankle pain by calling Commonwealth Musculoskeletal Medicine today, or contact us online.